Youth Exchange "Live to the Fullest" | 2016

"Live to the Fullest" - youth exchange about healthy lifestyle in Lithuania. 

Project „Live to the Fullest“ will gather 40 young people from various European countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia). who will seek to promote greater EU citizens' welfare, to popularize health, creativity among the participants, to promote sports, IT, preparation of curriculum vitae activities in order to increase young people's productivity, health, quality of work and to improve integration into the labour market by involving young people from different organizations, countries and rural areas to the youth exchange activities.

Based on various research missing healthy lifestyle has negative influence for youth working capacity, the ability to concentrate, ability to concentrate, energy, involvement in NGO activities. It also has an impact for low motivation and stress. One of the project objectives is the creation of health and wellbeing improvement methods for young person. We will also seek that the recommendations would be converted into mobile gadget and used among young people. This app will be created after youth exchange project. During the project Young people form details about this app, for example: design, content, functions. Also, in the project participants will have possibility to try different sport activities, like yoga, healthy nutrition, self-motivation and etc., will look into the health, skill formation aspects through interculturalism prism, we will seek to find out the future applet (for health / fitness / nutrition skills to shape) establishment of relying different cultures experience, involving very different views of young people experience. In the project participants will gain skills such as communication in english, better IT knowledge, public speaking, ideas promotion. After youth exchange participants will easier join various activities, studying process, and labour market. Following skills will help them to improve daily life: stress lowing methods, different sports activities. As always, all participants will gain valuable certificates, which will prove gained skills and etc. Participants and organizations will know more about Erasmus+, Youthpass, Open Badget.

video from prpject

Main activities:

* Yoga;

* Stress maneagement;

* Discussions about healthy life style;

* Zumba;

* Public speaking;

* Increasing motivation;

* Time management;

* eating habbits;

* brathing exercises;

* nordic walking;

* national evenings;

* decreasing stress.