Memorandum of Understanding

On November 13th 2019, a ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Slovak-Indian Friendship Society - based in Jakubovany, Slovakia with approx. 700 members - and the India-Slovakia Friendship Association, New Delhi, took place in the premises of the residence of the Slovak Ambassador to India, Mr. Ivan Lančarič. The signing of the Memorandum had been preceded by months of discussions among the two parties aimed at boosting various forms of cooperation. The Memorandum was signed by Mrs. Anna Galovičová, chairman of the Slovak-Indian Friendship Society and Mr. Jasbir S Nischal, Secretary-General of the India-Slovakia Friendship Association, who was much obliged to the Ambassador Lančarič for his good will in establishing the partnership. The whole event was hosted by H. E. Ivan Lančarič who, during his opening speech, addressed the effort of the both parties to seek and expand the cultural and economic cooperation between the Slovak Republic and India. The event was enclosed with a gala dinner attended by 35 fellowmen from the Indian side.

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